When  you place a deposit with WAAP, you can say yes or no to any breeding at anytime.   We want to give you the exact puppy you're looking for and you're allowed to stay on the list until you get it!  

Puppy picks are at 7 weeks old in person here at my home.  Unlike other breeder's who assign the puppy to you, I allow you to pick out your own puppy.  OF COURSE I will assist you in picking out the right puppy for your needs.  Puppy pick order is based on the date your deposit was received.  The longer you're on the list, the higher you get a pick!!  Puppies go home at 8 weeks old.   As the breeder, I reserve the right to keep a puppy for my own kennel, recognize a pup as "Pick Of The Litter" and sell it as such.  Your puppy is paid in full at puppy pick day.  All sales are final on this day and your deposit/payment is now non-refundable.  On puppy pick day you are still allowed to say no to the puppies I have to offer.  

At the time of your deposit I do not require you to specify sex.  When puppies are on the ground you will need to choose sex.  No exceptions...  You are not pick #2 (or whatever) of the entire litter.  You are pick number 2 of the sex you choose.  

We cannot guarantee pick number before puppies are on the ground.  I completely understand you want to know where you stand on the list.  That's a reasonable question and I'll give you my best guess on where you might fall in line.  However, because of the nature of my policy, I cannot guarantee pick number.  Again, you are allowed to say yes or no to any breeding you choose.  If my first breeding is liver roan and you wanted white ticked, then you simply stay on the list.  If you wanted a male and we whelped 10 females, you simply stay on the list (that's never happened but you get my point).  The only thing I can guarantee is your deposit is fully refundable or transferable if I cannot give you the exact puppy you're looking for.  

The only way to leap frog the list and guarantee Pick Of The Litter is by sponsoring a service dog.  Yes, you still need to specify sex when puppies are on the ground.   Point Of Grace Service Dogs is a 501c3, a subsidiary of Wing And A Prayer Shorthairs.  This is very rewarding because you will meet the family you sponsor at puppy go home day and they have the opportunity to shake your hand.  You will be given a tax receipt for your donation.  The cost of Pick Of The Litter is your puppy plus the sponsored puppy.  A service dog might be a search and rescue partner, a PTSD service dog, or a working dog for a child with celiac disease who will use their puppy to detect gluten.  

Point Of Grace Service dogs is not funded any other way other than a sponsored puppy.  We do not fundraise and we do not ask the receiving family to fundraise.  There are no paid employees, no office expenses reimbursed, we are 100% volunteers.  The tax fees at the end of the year, the set-up for the 501c3, the monthly cost for Quick Books etc. are 100% my donation.  

We are no longer accepting reservations for a free service dog for 2018. 


Our puppies are sold with a name requirement.  Their AKC name will begin with Wing And A Prayer's or WAAP's.

You agree to AKC register your pup.

You agree never to use Trifexis on my puppies.

You must buy one bag of the puppy food we feed (Orijen Puppy) from me at my cost.  After the one bag, you can feed any food of your choice.

We require you to buy 1 bottle of Nu Vet plus vitamins available at order code 80373 or by calling 800-474-7044.    

Unless you opt to vaccinate with your own personal vet, your puppy will have their first round of puppy shots by Dr. Euers of Animal Hospital Of Katy, de-wormed, microchipped ($20 fee) and a well puppy health exam including fecal (included in the price of your puppy) .  Our puppies are guaranteed healthy at the time they go home.  We guarantee there is no coccidia, giardia, parasites or worms on puppy go home day.

All puppies are sold with a limited 1 year health guarantee for a non-curable congenital/hereditary defect.


NUTRITION  One of the most important factors in choosing a breeder.


BECAUSE WE LIVE IN TEXAS, ALL PUPPIES AND DOGS MUST BE ON HEARTWORM PREVENTION!  I only recommend Heartgard.  DO NOT use other products that are extremely toxic to our pets.


The decision to spay or neuter your puppy is your personal choice.  I do not interfere with a decision that belongs between you and your vet.  However, there is evidence that spaying or neutering your puppy too young will interfere with their development because they need those hormones for growth. Please do your own research on this issue before making your decision.  MORE INFO

What to expect when you're expecting a WAAP puppy

Deposits are fully transferable or refundable.  Please DO NOT place a deposit with WAAP without a serious commitment.  Your deposit pays for ongoing expenses for our kennel like field trainers, dog show entries, expensive dog food, handler fees, vet expenses etc.