A versatile gun dog that is equally at home in the house with your children, or in the field in pursuit of upland game birds or waterfowl, or tracking fur-bearing animals. Obedient and intelligent, as well as loyal and affectionate

Welcome to our Website! Here at Wing and A Prayer Shorthairs we breed for temperament, conformation, and a strong hunting nose. As a life long upland hunter, we know the importance of choosing breeding stock with a long history of many generations of proven exceptionalism. Whether you're looking for a GSP with a great show conformation history, a history of 3 generations of 100% Master Hunters, 5 generations of 100% Hege-Haus progeny, or simply a great family pet we have the right GSP for you.  

Our live streaming of puppy cam is a new addition to our kennel. I don't believe there's another breeder in TX who goes to the extent I do in providing you an incredible puppy purchase experience.  Our bitches whelp on live web cam.  After whelping, we upload videos to our YouTube channel almost daily so you can enjoy watching your puppy grow.  
Photo by Ashley Langford Photography - Lola, Scout daughter

I am a work-at-home mom and my husband is a teacher/coach here in the Katy area. Our reputation of providing quality GSP's is very important to us and we hope all of our efforts show in the quality of our puppies. We live in a residential area with an extra large backyard.  Our dogs have the run of the entire yard, and we use the dog run for when the daycare babies are in the backyard or when we are keeping our male away from a bitch when she is in season.  All of our dogs sleep in the house every night.  We believe all dogs deserve to be raised with a family where they are loved and valued, even if they are breeding stock.  We DO NOT own kennels where dogs are caged.  Our nutrition program is designed to give your puppy the best start at life possible and includes pre-pregnancy for our bitches, pregnancy, lactation and weaning.  

We encourage everybody to make an informed decision and visit the kennel you want to purchase your puppy from.  Please feel free to visit us here in Katy, TX!

Thank you for stopping by our web-page.  We look forward to providing you with a beautiful healthy puppy!

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