A versatile gun dog that is equally at home in the house with your children, or in the field in pursuit of upland game birds or waterfowl, or tracking fur-bearing animals. Obedient and intelligent, as well as loyal and affectionate.


Welcome to our Website! Here at Wing and A Prayer Shorthairs we breed for temperament, conformation, and a strong hunting nose. As a life long upland hunter, we know the importance of choosing breeding stock with a long history of many generations of proven exceptionalism. Whether you're looking for a GSP with a great show conformation history, a history of 3 generations of 100% Master Hunters, or simply a great family pet we have the right GSP for you.  

My husband was introduced to upland hunting by his father and it is a sport they enjoy together to this day.  Our bird dogs are our passion, love and hobby.  While we are new at putting our dogs in AKC show conformation competition, we are NOT new at hunting GSP's. 

Photo by Ashley Langford Photography - Lola, CH Scout daughter

Our conformation line is loaded with natural ability in the field proven with the hunt titles of our puppies.  Why are our puppies so beautiful?  It's by no accident.  It's their pedigree shinning through!  It's the result of many generations of the most distinguished GSP breeder's in the nation working diligently to better the breed.  They meticulously pair each breeding to breed out unwanted traits while maintaining positive traits.  I strive to continue those standards.  

Here at Wing And A Prayer Shorthairs we believe the sport of upland hunting is one of the best things you can do as a family (after praying)!

Breanne Veeder, Mandy Veeder, Nolan Veeder, Cheetah at Top Flight.


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