What to expect when you're expecting a WAAP puppy

What to expect when you're expecting a WAAP puppy

Welcome to the WAAP Family!  I've been in your shoes many times and I completely understand it's a hard decision to choose a breeder.  Thank you for choosing us.  

All of our puppies are sold from the wait list, so obviously you have a few months before puppy comes home.  It's time to start reading a great puppy training book!  It doesn't matter what book you choose, they are all good.  For bird dog training, we recommend the DVD set by Perfection Kennels.  

From the first day of whelp to the time your puppy goes home, you will have the ability to watch your puppy grow.  You will be added to a private Facebook page that you can check at your convenience.      

Time to buy supplies!

Crate (start with size medium)

Puppy pad for crate, we use Primo Pads.  This is the only dog bed in the world that our GSP's won't chew up. primopads.com

Puppy collar  At puppy pick day, you will be able to put a collar on your puppy.  We recumbent DogIds.com.  They are a great company with great customer service.  The size needed is 5/8 inch x 10 inch.  Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag Personalized.

Non spill attachable water dish from Revival Animal .com.  Buy the 2 quart stainless steal flat side pail HERE This goes in their crate, will last a lifetime and is spill proof with a two way hook. 

Orijen Puppy food (yellow bag).   This is an award winning food and literally the healthiest food on the market, closest to the raw diet.  

NuVet vitamins is a requirement and no puppy goes home without at least a 1 bottle purchase.  Order at nuvet.com/80373 or by calling 800-474-7044 order code 80373.  Whether you buy a puppy from me or not, please consider these vitamins.  50% of all dogs will DIE of cancer if they live out their lives.  Don't let this be your loved one!  This is an antioxidant based, human grade vitamin.  Antioxidants fight free radicals in dogs just like they do humans.  Puppies are exposed to huge amounts of toxins during their first 6 months of life due to immunizations, heart worm preventative and flea ointments/pills.  Think about it... You're giving your dog a flea pill (pesticide) so powerful that it will go through their skin to fight fleas.  The least we can do is give them an antioxidant vitamin to help their immune system.  

Toys We accept toy donations that you can buy from Chewy.com and ship directly to my house.  On puppy take home day, we encourage you to take the toys home that you purchased for your puppy.  We call it a donation because if the toy was destroyed or lost, then thank you for the donation!