Advanced gun dog training is not done here.  We use Brian Lee of Horizon Kennels in Sealy who is a full-time trainer.  281-620-2804.  Please tell him Wing And A Prayer sent you!  
Brian allows you to visit your dog to see progress once a week.  

I also like Wade of Texas Duck Dogs.  Wade specializes in waterfowl.  903-271-3647.  Look for him on Google. 

Buck Henderson of Back Yard Training Kennels is another trainer specializing in upland hunting.  He does not do waterfowl.  Buck's kennel is easily found on google.  


Here at Wing And A Prayer we keep one puppy a litter picked by you for house training.  This is NOT advanced gun dog training.  This is training for people who do not want to deal with puppy quirks.  Your puppy is fully house broke, has all house manners, crate trained, etc.  This is a 4 month minimum program, so your puppy is 6 months old when he/she goes home.  The cost of this training is $600 a month.